Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gender Reveal Party

Last June 24, Ritchie and I went to my OB for an ultrasound. We decided that it would be fun to have a small get together with our friends and family and find out the gender of our baby together. We told the OB that we wanted her to write the gender on a paper so we can give it to my sister in law so she can help us plan for a gender reveal party.

We specifically told our guests that it's not a baby shower and we don't have a registry yet. We just wanted to hang out and have fun.

My SIL Reena, prepared the dessert table with a pink and blue theme while my SIL Claire bought the confetti poppers and the gender reveal smoke.

I initially wanted to only use the confetti poppers but Ritchie wanted to add the smoke. I'm glad that we had both because the popping sound from the poppers added to the excitement and the smoke lasted longer which is good for pictures.

So yeah.. we are having a boy! =)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Mango Chia Pudding with Overnight Oats

Husband's snack

This is one of my favorite healthy snack to make for my husband because it doesn't require measuring and it's very easy to make. The first time I made it for him as a snack for work I was worried that he might not like it because it would just taste too healthy but he loves it and he's been requesting it. So yay me!

Chia is a great ingredient to incorporate in your diet because it has a lot of benefits. It's loaded with fiber and it's high in protein. It's full of antioxidants and it's a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

1-ounce portion will provide you with:
4.4 g of protein
42% of your daily recommended amount of fiber
30% of your daily recommended manganese
27% of your daily recommended phosphorus
18% of your daily recommended calcium
4915 mg of omega-3 fatty acids
1620 mg of omega-6 fatty acids

Today's snack is the first time that I tried to add some overnight oats with the chia pudding and it's just because I was craving for the texture of oats.

Mango Chia Pudding with Overnight Oats

You have to prepare this at least 5 hours ahead of time.

Soak the oats with your choice of milk. So far, I've only made this with Silk Soy Milk (unsweetened and chocolate) and Silk Almond Milk, so I don't know if regular milk would taste good. 
Refrigerate your soaked oats.

In another container, soak the chia seeds with the same choice of milk. The chia seeds will swell up so leave some space for it. You can start mixing 3 tbsp of chia seeds with 8 oz of milk. The longer you let it stay in the refrigerator the more it will swell up and absorb the milk.

This morning, I mixed the prepared overnight oats and swelled up chia seeds.
 Then I added some cubed sweet ripe mango, sliced almonds and raisins.

My snack..=)
You can add whatever fruit and nuts, you can add some coconut, cocoa nibs, etc on your pudding. I sometimes add ground flaxseed for a nutty taste. You can add honey or maple syrup especially if your fruit it not that sweet. You can even add yogurt!

So far, I've already made frozen banana chia pudding, chocolate chia pudding with organic raw cocoa and flaxseed,  peach mango chia pudding made with ripe mangoes and peach yogurt.

What is your favorite chia pudding?