Sunday, May 8, 2016

Kusina. Cocina. Kitchen.

Kusina ni Misis means A Wife's Kitchen in english.

My husband and I just recently moved in to a studio apartment together. We decided to rent a smaller space because we wanted to save for a house. I honestly didn't like the idea of a studio but we found an apartment with a separate kitchen. I love it because of the kitchen space and he loves it because of the price, win-win for us.

Sparkles exit during our wedding, picture by Redford Mancio
Our kitchen is my own version of a man's cave. I usually wake up at 3am to start preparing for my husband's breakfast, lunch, snack and sometimes smoothie. I don't have to wake up at three but I've already calculated it- I need at most 2 hours to prepare for everything including cleaning up the kitchen.

I prepare for work at 6am, so whenever I am done with everything I crawl to bed and snuggle with him. I don't immediately start cooking at 3am, I take my time and enjoy my me time. I like it and I love how it's already becoming a routine. I'm getting used to this and I am honestly loving my new role-- a wife.

We didn't instantly moved in together after we got married. We traveled and took our time looking for a good place to call our own. For months I kept on imagining my new role because even though we've already been traveling together for 7 years now, moving in together is definitely different.

I don't eat when I'm tired or even when I'm not in the mood. My new role now is to think about my husband and make sure that he is well fed, the kitchen is clean, we have clean clothes and the apartment is clean. In fairness to my amazing husband, he cleans the apartment. And the kitchen is mine.

This is not my first blog. I have Light it Up. I have been writing about my personal journey as a Christian during the lowest period of my life. It helped me stay motivated and reflect. I am in an amazing chapter of my life. However, it is still challenging. I'm looking forward to start this new blog to share my exciting journey as a wife.

I am not only aiming to share recipes here but also my reflection, stories and everything else that I can think of that is possible in my woman cave, wife's cave... the kusina in tagalog. cocina in spanish. kitchen in english.

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