Monday, November 28, 2016

Things that you can DIY for your wedding

I am sure that there are a lot of things that you can DIY for your wedding. 
Here are the following DIYs that we did for ours.

1. Wedding Booklet/ Wedding Ceremony Program Guide / Wedding Missalette

We handed our guests a wedding program guide during the ceremony. It has the names of the bridal party and the entourage and as well as the readings that we chose for the mass.

It's something that we really want to have but are not willing to spend more than $100. I was looking at etsy to order the program, staples to have it printed and as well as considering to just print it at home. All of those choices are either tedious or expensive.
I found and got a good deal. We paid $42.38 for 50 booklets plus a 2.5% cashback from Ebates.

We had a 12 page-5.5 x 8.5 booklet. It was colored and printed on gloss paper.

You can make the pages through a word document file and set the pages on the same size and upload it on their website page by page.

 You can download a fancy font and cliparts.
Design your page through Photoshop or you can do it on a word document.

3. Wedding Card Inserts

I purchased the wedding silhouette images from Etsy and made these cards on a word document and then I had these printed through VistaPrint on a glossy card stock for less than $40 for 100 with back side. I initially made this to write all the names of the bridal entourage, the Godparents and as well as our readers.

3. Wedding Favors

We had 2 wedding favors during our wedding, one is our something blue Moroccan Mini-Tagine and the other is our Native Box from Philippines.

The boxes are also called Lauhala Boxes from Hawaii.

If you buy these boxes online it would cost around $3.50 per box, but since I did it myself, 200 boxes only came out to less than $100.

I bought the boxes plain, the lace ribbon, a pack of 100 Silk Petal Hydrangea from Etsy and flat button pearls from Amazon.

A stick glue and a glue gun are your best friends for this DIY. We also added hershey kisses with stickers at the bottom inside the tagines and boxes for sweetness. 👌❤

4. The Flower Girl Dress

What I used:
8" Lined Crochet Tops (Peach)
Tulle (Coral, Light Pink and Cream)
Chiffon Flower with Pearls and Rhinestone (Salmon)
Lotus Fabric Flowers with Rhinestones (Peach)

The tutu dress required a lot of patience and time to make. Since it was my first time to make this dress and I wasn't really willing to make a sample, my dresses had some flaws. ✌

But it's ok.. the dresses photographed nicely. I will make another post for the instructions of how to make a tutu dress. I will try to make it better than my flower girl dresses.

If you need help, especially for the wedding booklets,
I can email you the word documents that I used so you can just edit them. 

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