Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Weight Loss Experiment Day 1: Tempeh with Roasted Vegetables

Let's call it an experiment since calling it something else has failed me. My weight has been going up and down, it's really frustrating. I admit that I am not doing it right this time. I've been starving myself, usually unintentionally, and then eating crappy food such as snack bars.

Husband got me the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse from amazon to hopefully help me jump start this journey to help me with my goal.

Breakfast at 5:30 am
Oikos Greek Non-fat Vanilla Yogurt - 110 calories

Breakfast at work 9:30 am
MX3 Mangosteen Coffee - 35 calories
2 Hansel Cookie Sandwich - 320 calories
That's like 500 calories for breakfast, sounds good but not actually healthy because of the cookie sandwich that I had. Boo. I don't really like counting calories but I usually count whenever I know that what I am eating is not really healthy.
I made Fall-Off the Bone Ribs with Roasted Vegetables for my husband's lunch and Stir-Fry Tempeh and Roasted Vegetables for me.
I used the Lightlife Three Grain Organic Tempeh. This is my second attempt of making it edible. This time, I marinated it at least 30 mins in a sauce I made for Cured Chicken. I used Coconut Oil to stir-fry the cubed tempeh and it actually tasted good.
For the roasted vegetables, I used the Normandy Blend and I added Brussels sprouts. I drizzled some olive oil on my vegetables, salt, pepper and thyme. Roasted it in 400 def F oven.
I'm crossing my fingers for me to have a healthier choice for dinner tonight. =)
While I continue hoping, let me organize my thoughts so I can share the recipe that I used for my cured chicken and fall-off the bone ribs on my next post.

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