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      APFE2014 The Tenth International Shanghai High-performance Film Exhibition
      Time:2019/12/25 11:16:59  Browse:Times

      [Leading the future with thin films]

          APFE2014 The 10th Shanghai International High-Function Film Exhibition is the only professional exhibition in China of functional films (optical films, photovoltaic / lithium battery films, functional plastic packaging films) and sheets, precision coating and slitting, blown films and casting Leading trading platform for technology, testing and auxiliary equipment. APFE gathers top global thin film production and precision coating companies to provide exhibitors with face-to-face communication and communication opportunities with purchasing decisions; and provides film manufacturers' direct suppliers with unique and completely market-oriented development channels in the industry and actively enhances exhibitors Brand and technology image.

      [Not to be missed in the film industry]

      ■ The only and largest film material and processing technology industry event in Asia Pacific

      APFE2013 Shanghai exhibited a total area of 18,000 square meters, of which materials (functional films and tapes) accounted for 40%, and secondary processing and molding of materials accounted for 30%. The exhibits covered optical films, photovoltaic and lithium battery separators, Polyester film, optical grade surface protection film, industrial tape, film precision coating machine, slitter, laminator, film stretching / extrusion / molding equipment, film inspection and accessories, etc. Suppliers include SEKISUI, ISR, SOKEN, ITOCHU, Lekai (Shanghai Jinzhang), Yinghui Optoelectronics, Shanghai Kaixinsen, Chengdu Pilot, Boyi Xincheng, Tongli Optoelectronics, Kanghui Petrochemical, Double Star Color Plastic, Tianjin Wanhua, etc., Suppliers of secondary processing and forming technology equipment include Ebara Industries, Yadeke, Youshunfa, Hongye, Huachang, Jiayuan Electromechanical, Qinyang, Dongguan Haode, Shantou Ouge, Dayang Machinery, Nordson, 玳Nat, etc., materials handling and auxiliary equipment include Mitsubishi (Maozhi), TEKNEK, Edwans, Besa, Kurimoto, Ishira, Murata, Daqing, Oberui, Guangzhou Bocheng, etc., exhibited innovative brands and area high.

      ■ VIP audience gathering

          Thanks to our in-depth analysis and unique insights into the demand for the functional film industry, and strong support for the long-term success of the exhibition, we have achieved great results at this exhibition. The core audience includes not only Foxconn, BYD, and Chiyoda A number of heavy-weight foundry and die-cutting manufacturers have directly attracted decision-makers from Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, AOC, HKC and other heavy terminal demand manufacturers to come and observe. The three days of the exhibition attracted more than 30 countries and With nearly 30,000 professional visitors in the region, its overseas share has greatly increased compared with the previous session.


      [APFE2014 Shanghai Exhibition Hotspot]

      * Optical film materials (backlight optical film, polyester-based film, functional plastic film, ITO film, PC film, optical surface protection film, etc.)

      * Photoelectric film precision coating and application

      * Solar photovoltaic film / lithium battery separator coating and processing technology

      * Original film manufacturing (blown film, stretch, cast, extrusion, compound)

      * Film inspection, post-processing and auxiliary equipment

      【Range of exhibition】

      * Optical film, PC film, polyester film, hardened film, pre-coated film, lithium battery film, photovoltaic film, high barrier film (PVDC film, EVOH film, aluminized film, nylon film), flexible packaging film, other functions film

      * Precision coating equipment, slitting machine, rewinding machine, film blowing / casting / extrusion / compounding machine, film printing and processing equipment, winding machine, vacuum coating equipment, defoaming equipment, reaction tower, agitator, tension Control devices, roll reeling equipment, wire drawing machines, surface treatment equipment, corona treatment, electrostatic dedusting equipment, roller coating drying equipment, environmental protection equipment, analysis / testing / testing instruments and related control systems.

      * Plastic particles, masterbatches, adhesives, silica gel, resins, varnishes, inks, coatings, additives, forming agents, etc.



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