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      Industry news
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      New applications for polycarbonate extrusion grades
      Time:2019/12/25 11:17:19  Browse:Times

      Recently, while tracking the PC sheet market, there is a new discovery that polycarbonate films and sheets are different from the PC sheet application field. This product is mostly used in the automotive industry, electronic and electrical industry, liquid crystal displays, industrial machinery parts, mirror coating, various signs, printing, membrane switches, protective masks, sun hats, sunglasses, luggage and other fields.

           According to experts, common classifications of PC films are: PC light diffusion films, conductive PC films, UV-resistant PC films, scratch-resistant PC films, and printing-grade PC films. In particular, scratch-resistant PC films are mostly used in membrane switches, liquid crystal displays, and transparent materials in the automotive and aerospace fields. Some customers said that the current demand for PC film material is good, and it has excellent performance compared to PC sheet, and the future development trend is more optimistic.



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