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      Dongguan Lingmei New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, specializing in the production and sales of polycarbonate PC film sheet, polyester PET film sheet, PMMA acrylic sheet, polypropylene PP film, polyvinyl chloride PVC film, poly Imide PI film, hardened PC + PMMA composite board, hardened PC / PET / PMMA film sheet, protective film, epoxy resin board, light enhancement film, diffusion film, reflection film, light guide sheet, single and double-sided tape And other products; complete certification of all product information: material safety data MSDS, material performance table, environmental protection ROHS and REACH and halogen-free certification, flame retardant certification, some products have passed UL certification. In addition, our company also distributes other brand materials such as SABIC (formerly US GE), ITW FORMEX, Dibo, Longhua, Kanglongxin, Ogilvy, Dongcai, Andy, Toray, Dahua, Lanpu City Wait. At the same time, we also provide slitting processing, protective film and double-sided adhesive bonding, anti-static treatment, anti-fog treatment, anti-glare treatment, anti-fingerprint treatment, surface hardening treatment, glue coating, dyeing and other services.

           Our products have excellent performance and are widely used in electronic and electrical products, machinery and equipment, automobiles, mobile phones and tablets, computers, displays, communications products, lighting, and so on. The main applications are insulation, membrane switches, printed nameplate signs, control panels, light diffusers, reflectors, light guides, precision electronic accessories, protective gaskets inside protective cases, packaging, protective films, and more. Our company has all kinds of supporting production equipments, various varieties and sufficient stocks. Can provide customers with timely and fast quotes and samples, fast delivery, excellent quality, and considerate service.

      We sincerely welcome new and old customers to contact us at any time for quotations, samples, and cooperation in developing new products and projects. We spare no effort to serve you wholeheartedly.

        Responsibility, win trust; Dongguan Lingmei, responsibility first!



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