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      Diffusion film
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        Highly transparent PC / acrylic PMMA light guide

        Product:Diffusion film


      The high-transparency PC and acrylic PMMA light guides produced by our company have excellent light-guiding performance, can transmit point light sources to large-area surfaces, and are very suitable for creative design in lighting and backlight sources. Product specifications: Sheet: 1250mm * 1680mm, 1220 * 2440mm, or customized. Thickness: 0.1mm to 8.0mm. Light transmittance: 95%. The product has good printability, good impact resistance, light weight, high and low temperature resistance -40 to 100 can be used normally, environmentally friendly and halogen-free. Can be applied to: light guide film for lighting, back light guide for instrument panel, back light guide for electronic appliances, etc. If you need a highly transparent PC, acrylic PMMA light guide or more information, please call us and provide samples for free.



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