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      Frosted PC
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        Natural translucent double-sided medium-fine coarse matte polycarbonate PC film

        Product:Frosted PC


      The company has long-term supply of natural translucent double-sided medium-fine coarse frosted polycarbonate PC film with a large number of stocks, prompt delivery and reasonable price. Complete material specifications and excellent quality. Packages are sliced and sliced for delivery.

             In addition, our company also specializes in the production and sale of PC film sheet, flame retardant PP film, PET film, PMMA optical grade acrylic film, PVC film, hardened PC + PMMA composite board, hardened PC / PET / PMMA film sheet, protective film , PI film, epoxy board and other products; all products meet environmental protection requirements, can meet ROHS, REACH and halogen-free requirements, some products can meet UL94-V0 flame retardant requirements. In addition, our company also distributes other brand materials such as SABIC (formerly US GE), ITW FORMEX, Dibo, Longhua, Kanglongxin, Ogilvy, Dongcai, Andy, Toray, Dahua, Lanpu City Wait. At the same time, we also provide services such as slitting, anti-static treatment, anti-fog treatment, anti-glare treatment, gluing and other coating treatments; we are continuously researching new processes and new products, and constantly expanding our product line.

             If you need natural translucent double-sided medium-fine coarse frosted polycarbonate PC film or learn more, call us now and we will send you the best service and natural translucent double-sided medium-fine coarse frosted polycarbonate Ester PC film.



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