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      Longhua PC
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        Supply LonghuaPP-BK18 black flame retardant PP film

        Product:Longhua PC


      Our company supplies a large amount of Longhua PP- BK18 black flame retardant PP film with sufficient and stable supply. Stable quality. Longhua PP-BK18 is a flame retardant polypropylene film with UL94 fire rating of V-0 & VTM-0. This product does not contain hexabromo ring Dodecane, in line with EU ROHS directive and strict UL safety regulations. Can be widely used in power supply, TV / monitor, business machine, etc.

      If you need Longhua PP- BK18 black flame retardant PP film or learn more, call us now and we will send you the best service and Longhua PP- BK18 black flame retardant PP film.



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